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EK Chain Cutters

The EK range of chain cutters are the first of their type on the market.

Rotary Drum Cutters

The EK range of chain cutters is recommended as an ideal tool for trenching contractors.

DMW Cutter Wheels

KEMROC produces these robust attachments in 4 sizes for excavators from 14 to 60 tons.

EX Patch Planers

Suited for the repair of asphalt surfaces, removal of contaminated concrete or milling layers of screed.

ES Universal Cutters

These universal cutters are true all-rounder attachments, effective in cutting slots in asphalt or concrete.

ETR Chain Trenchers

ETR range of chain saw trenchers opens up a completely new range of opportunities for excavators.

SMW Cutter Wheels

The SMW range is designed for use as an excavator slot cutting attachment.

KSI Injection Attachment

SCHÖKEM injection attachment for permeating cohesive soils with a cement suspension

EBA Auger Drives

These auger drive units are ideal for drilling shallow holes in soft to compact soils, cobbles and in soft rock.

KST Tree Stump Grinders

These tree stump grinders are designed specifically for the quick and effective removal of tree stumps.

KDS Diamond Wheels

These diamond cutting wheels are designed for use on concrete, steel, reinforced concrete, rock and glass fibre enforced plastics

ETS Trenchers

These trenchers are designed for use on excavators from 2.5 to 10 tons and can be mounted on skid steer loaders with a suitable adaptor bracket.

KR Range

Rotary drum cutters with spur gears used for tunnelling, demolition, trenching and pipeline
work, renovating concrete and underwater excavating.

KRD Range

Rotary drum cutters with direct drive used for demolition using long arm excavators, ground stabilisation and renovating concrete.

EKT Range

Rotary drum cutters that can be converted into EK chain cutters and can be used in trenching and pipeline work as well as mining of soft to medium-hard minerals.

KRL Range

Longitudinal cutters used for excavating foundations, trimming drilled piles, trenching, to mix soils and for the removal of slag in steel mills.

KRM Range

Rotation units with stepless rotation used for trenching, pipeline work tunnelling and profiling.