SR Series at Vintec Equipment

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Rotary Screening Bucket

  • 5 models for excavators with operating weight from 5 to 40 ton
  • Interchangeable meshes for different sizes

The “SR” rotary bucket is made in five models for use on excavators with capacities ranging from 7 to 35 tonnes, and has widespread application in screening natural material, such as river beds, quarry residues, sand and dry soil, as well as in all situations where fine screening is required. The product stands out for the sturdiness and the reliability of the frame, built to withstand even the most heavy duty workloads. An epicyclic gear motor is used to directly drive the rotation of the screening drum. The screening drum is extremely sturdy and features a conical base that optimises the handling of the material being screened, both when the blade is parallel to the ground, and when the bucket is closed. Made from one single piece, it has the advantage of being easily removed and replaced with others having different screening sizes (ranging from 20×20 up to 80×80)