CH Jaws of CK Series

Hydraulic Combi Crusher

Combi Kit Multipurpose Hydraulic Tool:

  • 3 models for excavators with operating weight from 13 t to 38 t
  • Compact-designed 360° rotation
  • Fully-protected cylinder
  • Speed Valve
  • 5 interchangeable kits for different tasks
  • Interchangeables blades and tips

Hardox in Vintec Equipment


Rotating (360°) crusher for primary, secondary and selected demolition with FAST JAWS CHANGE SYSTEM (5 MINUTES). With 4 available jaws the change system is fully hydraulic and semi-automatic to guarantee versatility and safety, without loosing power and speed.

The CK attachment allows you to do every kind of demolition:

  • Primary Demolition: to destroy a building and remove its material.
  • Secondary Demolition: to separate or reduce in smaller scraps what has been already demolished, making easier the removal and transportation.
  • Selected Demolition: where it will be necessary to extract and recuperate elements or precious components (copper, aluminum, iron, steel, wood…) or for the drainage of area of environmental impact in which the presence of toxic, inflammable and contaminating materials.
  • Primary, Secondary And Selected Demolition
  • International Patented
  • 5 Minute Jaws Change System
  • 4 Exchangable Jaws
  • Powerful
  • Quick & Safe
  • Hardox In My Body